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Milo, the Splash! avatar Milo, the Splash! avatar

Meet Milo! Enjoy dancing with him anywhere thanks to AR technology. 

Career Day Career Day

An AR series that brings interactive holograms of accomplished professionals into the classroom. 

Visceral Science Visceral Science
This unique exploration uses virtual reality (VR) to transform students' experience with science. 
Aurelia Aurelia

Discover different ecosystems in the depths of the ocean

Unsung Unsung

A multiplayer augmented reality learning experience about 4 underrepresented singers of color who overcame social challenges to make their voices heard.

Arcadia Earth Arcadia Earth

A fun, interactive App for teachers to educate their students on climate change and sustainability behaviors

Mappers Delight Mappers Delight

An interactive multimedia data visualization that allows users to explore the geography of language using rap music. 

Looking Inside: Cells Looking Inside: Cells

Looking Inside: Cells is a set of collaborative and interactive cell models in a VR lab.

5G Covet - SNR House 5G Covet - SNR House

5G COVET is an educational suite with K-12 STEM labs based on VR and 5G technologies.

GRX Arts, Beats and Tech GRX Arts, Beats and Tech

Learn music like never before

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