Milo, the Splash! avatar

Meet Milo! This funny guy can't resist dancing at all times. Enjoy dancing with him anywhere thanks to AR technology. Choose the color you like best. Make him bigger or smaller. Have fun with it by choosing from different songs. There is always an excuse to dance with Milo. Enjoy it and share it with your friends. If you have fun with him, you'll have fun with Splash!


How an animated character in AR can transform our environment into a dance floor, creating a fun environment that invites users to interact with the brand and get in touch through the call to action integrated in the app.


Working together with the Limón team, we created a fun character that reflects the spirit of Splash! Always lively and with a lot of flow. We were inspired by African dances to develop a series of dances that would bring fun and constant rhythm. 


Users have shared their experience with Milo online, evidencing a memorable project to talk about and consolidating Splash! as a new and innovative agency in the national market of creative digital companies. 

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