Looking Inside: Cells

Looking Inside: Cells is a set of collaborative and interactive cell models in a VR lab. Simulations include building cells from scratch, specializing cells for their functions in organisms, and advancing a cell through mitosis. We hope these VR labs will increase your students' engagement and enthusiasm for learning biology, bring out their naturally inquisitive nature, and improve their learning outcomes. All simulations are designed to be used by groups of 2 to 3 students after introducing them to relevant cell biology concepts. Students can take photos to document what they discover and use them outside of the simulations for presentations, assignments or progress checks.


Our goal was to create an interactive video showing the best moments of the app. We worked on a script that would allow us to navigate through the experience and make different decisions that would encourage the user to learn more about how they could use the app to help students learn through the STEM method in a fun and dynamic way. 

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