UNSUNG is a multiplayer augmented reality learning experience about 4 underrepresented singers of color who overcame social challenges to make their voices heard. Those singers are Odetta Holmes, Ella Sheppard, Florence Mills and Tiny Davis. The first version of UNSUNG will only feature Florence Mills.

UNSUNG explores the legacies of Tiny Davis and Florence Mills within their contemporary settings.

Through our series of augmented reality "storyboxes," users will experience Florence Mills' rise to fame on Broadway during the Harlem Renaissance. They will also witness trumpet virtuoso "Tiny" Davis and the International Sweethearts of Rhythms' journey through the Midwest.


Our goal was to create an interactive video showing the best moments of the app. We worked on a script that would allow us to navigate through the experience and make different decisions that would encourage the user to learn more about how they could use the app to help students learn through the STEM method in a fun and dynamic way. 

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